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Process Deep Dive #1 - Extracting Clinical Data from TPP SystmOne Referral

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) have an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC), which acts as a gateway into the Emergency Department (ED).

The ED receives UTC patient referrals via an email from TPP’s SystemOne, which triggers the registration of the patient on Medway’s Patient Administration System (PAS), and a copy of the referral uploaded into the Kainos Evolve Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

This process reads the saved emails and attachments, extracts key data items from a word attachment sent via NHSmail and uploads the output to the various queues ready for the next stage of processing.

Here is an excerpt from the process, slowed down to show the data extraction.

Below is a sample DIscharge Summary Notification sent from SystmOne to NHS mail which triggers a bot in real-time to extract the key data and pass the referral into a queue for processing in PAS and Kainos Evolve.


2. Main Page

The main page steps through a sequence of subpages to run the process.

The only subpage called from main is Process Referrals.

3. Process Referrals

This subpage uses many data items as explained below;

[UTC Referral Path] – this is an environment variable pointing to the file share where all the referral attachments are stored. This data item can be amended through the Control Room settings menu.

[Folder] – the unique folder used to store the referral

[referral filename] – the filename for the downloaded word document.

[Extract Success] – a control flag used to record if the data extraction has successfully completed.

[Status] – the status of the item loaded from the queue

[Item ID] – unique reference for the item in the queue

[Items] – the collection holding the email data items

[PAS Data Empty] – a single row collection to hold data items before loading into the output queues.

Fig 3.2. Get Item from Queue

This section of the process flow reads each item from the UTC Incoming Referrals queue in turn. If no queue item is found then the process ends. If the incoming referral has no attachments then it is marked as an exception and not processed.

Fig 3.3. Create Filename

The Create Item Folder ID uses the logic Right([Items.EntryID], 8) to make a unique folder in which to store the referral word document.

The Create Filename calculation assigns the attachment filename from the data collection into a data file.

After the process breaks out into the Extract Key Data subpage a check is made to see if the extraction has been successful.

If not the queue item is marked as an exception.

If the extraction is successful then the subpage Write to Queue is invoked and the item is marked completed.

End of Part One...

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