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NHS Intelligent Automation Forum - Q1 2020

In early 2020 I will be holding the first NHS Intelligent Automation Forum. This event will bring together automation leaders from NHS organisations from across the UK to agree and champion a framework for collaborative working.

With so many NHS organisations now on a common platform, it is the right time to align road maps, scale and deliver solutions at pace and to push the art of the possible.

The launch of the NHS Marketplace at Microsoft's recent Future Decoded in London was just the start of realising my vision. Feedback from NHS colleagues over recent months inspires me to make this happen. I've learned that this whole adventure is not just about technology. It is about doing things the right way through being open, sharing and supporting each other.

This approach already has a positive impact. Our friends at Great Western Hospital are using ESNEFT's GP Referral processes and objects to extract referrals into their Medway PAS. This is saving development time and effort.

I have seen so many horrendous examples of where the NHS have engaged so called professionals only to be advised incorrectly, be overcharged and deliver poor quality work. We have to stop wasting tax payers money on substandard solutions and take control ourselves.

It is intended for the first meet-up to be physical then we will switch to an on-line platform to encourage real-time collaboration.

We need to have the courage and confidence to do this ourselves and by ourselves using the expert knowledge from within. This is the only way we will scale across the whole of the NHS by offering a hybrid approach to intelligent automation delivery.

I will be reaching out to all my contacts to organise this event. If you have any automation capability in-house and we haven't connected and would like to get involved, please contact me through this blog or via linkedin.

This forum is not open to consultancy companies, resellers, technology suppliers or non-NHS staff.

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