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NHS Digital Exchange - Part 3 - What's inside?

The NHS DX is a constantly evolving collaboration platform and updates to process and objects frequently occur depending upon the demands of ESNEFT's development lifecycle.

21 - NHS Object Library - DXC Lorenzo

This asset are all the objects available for use with DXC Lorenzo.

22 - NHS Object Library - Somerset Cancer Registry

This asset are all the objects available for use with Somerset Cancer Registry.

23- Invalid Contact Details

This process will check for invalid contact details on Medway PAS, access the GP system to check telephone number and will update Medway PAS accordingly.

24 - Cardio-Respiratory Diagnostic Tests

This process will register referrals in Medway PAS and book the necessary diagnostic tests.

25 - Patient Call Reminder

This process will analyse text message responses and automatically cancel unwanted patient appointments on Medway PAS

26 - ESR Staff Movements

This process was used as a one-off to create over 10,000 staff positions in ESR to support the merger of two organisations

27 - Claromentis Analyse Staff Directory

This process will access the Claromentis Intranet system and export the staff directory database and upload into a collection once some logic and data cleansing has been applied,

28 - Claromentis KPI Analysis

This process analyses the Claromentis staff directory and produces a compliance KPI for each data item.

29 - Claromentis AD Sync

This asset provides an AD sync function for the Claromentis Intranet System.

30 - Claromentis Staff Directory Snap

This process will access Claromentis, take a snapshot of the staff directory, download and load into a collection for processing.

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