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NHS Digital Exchange - Part 4 - What's inside?

The NHS DX is a constantly evolving collaboration platform and updates to process and objects frequently occur depending upon the demands of ESNEFT's development lifecycle.

31 - GP ERS Accept Referrals

This process automates the acceptance of GP referrals.

32 - GP Referrals from ERS to Kainos Evolve

This asset downloads GP referrals from ERS, collates medical data into a single PDF, collects key data items and uploads to the patient record on Kainos Evolve.

33- Invoicing pre-iOCR

This process extracts incoming invoices from email and handles full analysis through the intelligent OCR engine.

34 - Invoicing post-iOCR

This process takes OCR output and manages the uploading and data entry into the Integra AP system.

35 - Call Reminder Send Daily Report

This process collates and sends an output report to the outpatients team to highlight cancelled patient appointments.

More processes to follow as they become available....

If anyone needs any help, advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

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