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News - Supermarket Food Delivery Vouchers Robot for Care Homes Launched #COVID19

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with NEL Healthcare Consulting, NHSX and the Care Quality Commission, have created and successfully launched a robot that distributes supermarket offers and food delivery voucher codes to Social Care organisations across England. Before a more comprehensive launch next week, a test run last night issued 78,309 codes to 1,873 Social Care organisations.

So how does this work?

A UK-based supermarket has issued one million codes to use on their home delivery website to give priority slots to social care organisations. The challenge was to take this massive list of codes and assign them to individual organisations, uniquely and fully audited, based on the number of staff registered at each facility. Working through a list of Social Care organisations with an assigned number of vouchers, the bot needs to issue the correct amount of voucher codes, write a supporting email and send this via a dedicated NHSmail account. The video below shows the core process working. For security reasons, the video has been blurred, but it gives a flavour of what is happening.

The vital part of this automation is to track code allocation, so there is a full audit trail, so after each transaction, the queues are updated with the information. So in the central processing queue below, each location ID is updated with the number of codes allocated.

And in a separate queue of voucher codes, each code is allocated to a social care organisation (as below)

As Blue Prism best practice has been applied by using transaction queues, it now means I can have multiple robots share the workload.

It's great working on an automation that reaches the whole of England and is helping people at their time of need. Does this make my bots a keyworker?

These processes and objects will be available via the NHS Digital Exchange for FREE!

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