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News - Selenity Establishment Control Forms Process Launched

At East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, a web-based application called Selenity is used to manage the approval to hire process using e-forms and workflow. By analysing the process, it was observed that on occasions, there is a delay from the finance approval stage to when the division manager authorises the vacancy. While this may only be a few days, a timely approach to approvals will reduce the time to hire.

The Selenity system provides detail reports and a comprehensive data set for each Establishment Control Form. The system does not calculate how long an ECF has been outstanding neither is it able to send email summaries and alerts to authorising managers for each division.

This process accesses Selenity, searches, and runs a specific management report, downloads the output and analyses the data collection extracting ECFs needing divisional approval. With the list of eligible ECFs, the process builds each email with the appropriate management summary and emails authorising managers.

This daily process would take a member of the administration team around one hour per day. The robot completes the same task in under four minutes. So not only does this process save 365 hours a year in staff time, it will hopefully contribute to a reduction in time to hire by sending daily reminders of outstanding ECFs.

This is the first HR process to go-live. There is a massive roadmap to deliver in 2020. The next process will involve Trac and NHS jobs. I will do a process deep-dive in my upcoming blogs to explain how this works in detail and to share some videos.

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