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News - NHS Recruitment - Long to Short Listing Process Launched using Trac and NHS Jobs

At East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, the web-based vacancy management platform called is used in conjunction with NHS Jobs to handle incoming job applications and manage the e-workflow. ESNEFT's automation roadmap for Human Resources breaks down starters and leavers processes into bite-sized automation sprint cycles. This releases benefits faster. This process was my Christmas project and was written in just three days.

At a high-level, this process covers the following recruitment stages;

a) when a job vacancy closes the bot checks for applications on NHS jobs. All applications are downloaded and imported into Trac and combined with any applications received via Trac.

b) the bot emails all applicants advising them that their applications have been received and are being reviewed.

c) the bot emails the recruiting managers to advise them to start short-listing the applicants for interview.

d) the bot closes the vacancy on NHS jobs.

There are many permutations for the work-flow, and these have had to be designed. On average it takes the bot around four mins per application to process (where applications exist on NHS jobs and Trac) and around 90 seconds for just vacancies with Trac applications. It is hoped to save the HR department up to 90 minutes per day, but more importantly, the job applications will be processed immediately after the advert closes.

The process is currently running in supervised beta mode and will move into full production next week. This is a process that will work for any NHS Trust who use Trac and NHS jobs with very little re-configuration.

This process will be available on NHS marketplace. Further details and video demos will be covered in future blogs.

Here's a sneak peek...

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