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News - Demographics Batch Service (DBS) & System C Medway PAS Launched #COVID19

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Demographics Batch Service (DBS) is a mechanism that allows NHS and other organisations to submit a file of patient information to the Spine for tracing against the Personal Demographics Service (PDS). 

So how does this work?

The Patient Administration System (PAS) at Colchester Hospital is not linked to the National Spine. A daily file is extracted from Medway PAS and uploaded to the national demographics batch tracing service. Upon receipt of a 'file ready' notification, the output file is collected from the DBS server and uploaded into PAS.

This human process is only executed once a day and consumes admin time.

An automation has been launched that manages the sending and receiving of batch traces requiring zero human input. Even better, it now traces every 2 hours, 24x7!

The video below shows the bot generating the extract from Medway PAS using the standard application front-end and delivering the output file to the DBS server by sending a batch script to a remote server (saving development effort).

Using a blue prism queue to maintain a list of pending traces the bot will check for incoming data files and import them into Medway PAS.

My thanks to my amazing developers, Isobel George and Ian Mitchell, for their hard work.

These processes and objects will be available via the NHS Digital Exchange for FREE!

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