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My Automation Week #16

The pandemic has been harmful to so many people. The loss of loved ones, jobs, businesses and financial difficulties makes me grateful to work for the NHS. Not only does it offer me job security but the opportunity to contribute, even in a small way, to the effort to tackle the pandemic.

Last week I was surprised and delighted to win a Health Tech Leaders 2020 award for the work myself, and my team did to deliver COVID related automation. All the people and organisations shortlisted for an award were all deserving winners. How NHS staff and our tech partners excelled in providing solutions in such short timescales was phenomenal. Our ability to work towards a common goal, eliminating the barriers and red tape should continue.

Our COVID automation continues to perform well. Our pathology antibody testing bot has received national praise. There are plenty of examples of NHS regions using humans to enter thousands of order requests with significant delays and backlogs.

Our friends at Norfolk & Norwich NHS Trust are in a similar position. Being existing Blue Prism Cloud customers, they can benefit from the NHS Digital Exchange. With differences in their pathology system configuration and supporting process, I have worked with their excellent ICT team to give me remote access. My team and I have written additional objects and changed the workflow and look to go live in the next few days. I will post a blog at go-live explaining the differences in process, the work we had to do and a video demo.

A variation to ESNEFT's antibody results bot will go-live this week. To ensure all results are issued, whether a bot logged the order request or not, HL7 results feed is filtered to extract antibody results, and these are emailed to staff in real-time.

The outsourcing of scanning patient notes is underway at ESNEFT. As patient notes are digitised and uploaded into our EPR, there is a need to update the patient notes, and all their paper volumes, in System C Medway Case Note Tracker from a physical location to the EPR. To search and update a patient's set of notes can take 2 to 3 mins, but there are millions of records that need to be updated, consuming thousands of admin hours. The process has been written and tested and will go-live this week. A full blog will be published detailing the process, including a video demo.

Last week I attended Blue Prism World. While I missed the physical interaction and opportunity to speak in front of a live audience, the virtual alternative worked well. Great to hear the official launch of Decipher to all Blue Prism customers. Having worked with the BP team to build an invoicing prototype, I can say it is excellent.

If you missed my presentation and would like to see it use this link..

This week our robots celebrate their 2nd anniversary - lots of exciting things planned!

Stay safe until next time.

If anyone needs any help, advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

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