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My Automation Week #12

This week saw the launch of the NHS Digital Exchange on the Blue Prism DX platform. An ever-expanding collection of forty plus objects and processes to aid healthcare organisations deploy in a time-saving way. I have been in contact with several Trusts to get them registered and sharing.

Planning is underway for the first formal NHS automation leaders forum. Slightly later than intended as I wanted to launch the digital exchange. Perhaps we can hold our first meeting as part of Blue Prism World in London in May. A small group of Trusts will be meeting in the next few weeks to plan and agree on the structure for our first meeting. Exciting times ahead!

I attended the first day of the HSJ summit in Stratford upon Avon. Some great sessions and in particular, I enjoyed the Robotic Automation breakout sessions hosted by Agilisys. Nice to meet some familiar faces and those I haven't seen for years.

This week I enjoyed automation sessions with Nottingham, Leeds and with Frimley Health NHS Trust. All of them recognise the value in collaborating with the wider NHS and being part of a friendly and helpful community.

As for my developments, the team has continued to work hard, and we are making significant progress. Three new processes using OLM, NHS jobs, and Trac have been analysed and look great candidates for future development.

Next week is another mad one. Other than my planned holiday, I've been working seven days a week for over 18 months. I think my efforts are starting to be recognised and things are going in the right direction.

Don't forget my webinar on Friday 21st at 2 pm to showcase the NHS Digital Exchange.

If anyone needs any help, advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

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