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My Automation Week #11

Apologies to everyone for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. With a week of 50th birthday celebrations in New York and increased demands on my time, it hasn't been possible to write new content. This blog entry will share with you some recent highlights.

The acquisition of Thoughtonomy by Blue Prism has allowed me to re-evaluate the NHS Marketplace. Over the last few weeks, 40+ processes and objects have been collated, verified, repackaged and loaded into a private NHS area of Blue Prism's Digital Exchange (Dx). The launch will be later this week, and I will publish a full list of available content that can be freely consumed to speed up process deployment and support organisation to organisation collaboration.

There will be some entry rules as it is essential to me that I prevent people from abusing my generosity and profiteering from the NHS. I also hope to use this platform to share processes and utilities that I write in my own time outside of my day job.

I am scheduling a webinar shortly after the launch that will give interested parties a live demo and insight into the NHS Digital Exchange and the library of artefacts to consume. My thanks to the team at Blue Prism for adapting the Digital Exchange platform to meet my needs, and for being so responsive.

In terms of process development, my Human Resources long to shortlisting process is now stable and working well. For some frustrating reason, the TRAC application struggled to run cleanly through the control room but this has been sorted now.

For the vast majority of NHS organisations, this artefact I have uploaded to the NHS Digital Exchange will run with very few changes and potentially save 2 to 3 hours per day.

The MDT Cancer outcomes process using the Somerset Cancer Registry is nearing the end of the development cycle and will require extensive clinical testing before handling real patient pathways. Progress is being made with maternity self- referrals, via our patient portal and a governance discussion, will occur this week to decide on when we will bring this live.

I am pleased to share the news that a new Human Resources process is underway involving Office 365 and OLM to chase mandatory training DNAs. In summary, when a member of staff fails to attend their scheduled mandatory training course, this will be flagged on OLM, and the bot will email the staff member warning them and requesting them to rebook their session.

The good news is my development team is expanding!! Finally, we can hire two more developers so I can start tackling the ever-growing list of automation ideas. If anyone has Blue Prism skills and a proven track record of successful automation delivery, then keep watching my LinkedIn feed for details of how to apply via NHS Jobs.

The last few weeks have seen some new engagements with NHS organisations and private sector companies both in the UK and overseas. It was a pleasure to attend an awareness session with Deloitte and the HSE in Dublin. Amazing to see that automation is being embraced and encouraged by senior government ministers in Ireland. A refreshing approach and one that would hugely benefit the NHS. Mr Hancock, I know you read my blog, so take note and get it sorted!

NHS national organisations are encouraging Trusts to work differently and adopt conflicting strategies.

Collaboration across the whole of the NHS using a common set of standards and approaches is how we will scale automation in the most cost-effective ways.

If anyone is attending the Cloud Expo Europe event at London's Excel Centre on 11th March I will be talking on the main stage at 12:30pm - please come along and say hello or message me to arrange a private chat on 11th/12th March. You can register for tickets here...

If anyone needs any help, advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

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