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My Automation Week #8

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The last week before Christmas is always manic with so many social events to squeeze in as well as trying to shift the workload before the Christmas break.

Our first automation for Human Resources (HR) is complete. This process will be the first of many over the coming months. The automated escalation and emailing of pending establishment control forms to divisional signatories will save administration staff over one hour per day. It will contribute to speeding up the time to hire. This is also an excellent process to consume off-peak robot time as it can run overnight.

On Tuesday I was warmly welcomed by Ben Webber at the Studios of Elemental TV. I recorded an interview sharing my thoughts on intelligent automation with the NHS. Hopefully, the result will be useful as it was shot in just one take!

An internal meeting of our e-health group this week prioritised our next batch of automation for release in early to 2020. January will see the development and launch of two cancer automatons, our first end to end automation through our patient portal and the next wave of HR processes.

Last week I hosted the thoughtonomy community webinar (now Blue Prism Cloud). As a refreshing change, I was able to share some learning and insights into some of the techniques I have developed while delivering automated solutions.

I enjoyed some collaborative discussions with several organisations. I love talking about automation ideas and helping others to think differently. I always learn something myself.

I am looking forward to 2020. Some challenging automation developments planned with the opportunity to network and visit some fantastic places, including New York, Qatar, Berlin, Dublin, Bangkok, Toronto and Bratislava.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday!

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