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My Automation Week #7

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Our new patient telephone checker process ran in production for the first time this week, and the results are encouraging. As explained in a previous blog, this process aims to improve the number of positive patient responses to our outpatient appointment reminder service. The hope is we can free-up more unwanted patient appointments reducing our Outpatient DNA rate further and improve clinic utilisation.

Over the first three days the bot handled 161 transactions with the breakdown shown below;

150 transactions completed

11 exceptions (10 x business / 1 x system)

97 patients - no changes required

62 patients - contact details updated from ERS

2 patients - no contact details on eRS

This equates to a 41% hit rate which exceeds all our expectations. In simple terms, there is a potential of confirming or cancelling 62 additional patient appointments over the initial three-day run.

This continuous approach to automation reaps dividends by reviewing audit information from the bot control room. All credit goes to my colleague Ian Mitchell who developed this solution.

My three-day vacation to the festive markets of Budapest gave me some time to be creative and finish the beta release of an HR process for the escalation of outstanding Establishment Control Forms (ECF).

The team also completed stage 2 deep-dive of a Trauma & Orthopaedic Scan Result Checker.

This week I had two engaging collaboration meetings with an insurance company and central government — so many synergies, especially within corporate areas with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

On February 27th, 2020, I will be speaking and attending The Healthcare Digital Technology Congress in London. The event organisers Convenzis have kindly offered complimentary guest passes to subscribers of my blog. Passes are limited and only available to NHS employees. To claim your pass subscribe to this blog and email Your subscription will be verified before issuing passes.

Until next week my friends...

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