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My Automation Week #6

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The week started with a visit to Hinchingbrooke Hospital to share my successes and to explore ways of working together. So many automation opportunities and synergies that amplify the benefits of collaborating and working together.

Myself and the team completed Stage 2 of our development life-cycle for three new processes; MDT outcomes, 2WW referrals and eRs Advice and Guidance. These opportunities will be presented at our automation governance board next week for approval. Hopefully, we can start building these in the New Year. A new version of the Urgent Treatment Centre solution is now thoroughly tested and documentation updated.

Our friends Simon & Richard from Suffolk County Council came for a site visit. Both our exec leads engaged with the intention of working on some shared processes together. I can see this relationship producing some great solutions in 2020!

We have met with our neighbours at West Suffolk Hospital to share some ideas for automating operational areas. It was interesting to see that a lot of our current work can be re-purposed via the marketplace saving time, development costs and facilitating the release of benefits faster.

Used some research and development time to look at a low code application development tool by Appligo called Agileware. The product is one of the best I have seen to date and potentially adds some complementary functions to my automation workforce. I am looking forward to playing with a demo version.

Had some interesting discussions on patient portals / patient engagement platforms and how automation can drive efficiency at the back-end and supporting end-to-end process flows.

My weekly summaries are intended to be a high-level overview only. If anyone would like me to expand further in a future blog, then please let me know.

Today saw a drop off to our local food bank, and I will be trying to find my Christmas spirit in Budapest Hungary for a few days next week.

Until next week my friends...

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