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My Automation Week #5

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

My holiday to Thailand and Vietnam is now just a distant memory and after a busy week catching up on all things robot it is time to get back to writing my blog entries!

Before i left on holiday I created a commercial based model for developing automation solutions that would allow me to expand my team and consider taking on projects from other NHS Trusts and private sector organisations. This approach is now underpinned with a weekly sprint cycle methodology that ensures the team are focussed on our higher priorities and we maximise our development output. It is early days but the team seem to be enjoying this new approach and the results are really good.

I attended the Intelligent Automation event at Twickenham and presented my own 20 minutes slot to an enthusiastic audience.

Intelligent Automation Week 2019

There was a nice mix of exhibitors and I finally had the opportunity to see the Antworks offering. I had some really interesting discussions with non-NHS organisations from continental europe who are very interested in the work I have done with real-time translations. It would seem that regardless of which sector an organisation operates within there really are many similarities!

The King's Fund Annual Meeting 2019

I was delighted to be invited by Microsoft to present at the King's Fund Annual Meeting.

This was my first visit to The King's Fund building and I have to say it is very impressive. I had the luxury of presenting to an audience for a full hour so I was able to give a very in-depth overview of my work and my plans for the future. I was surprised to have a queue of people wanting to talk to my afterwards but had some brilliant conversations to follow-up on.

Our Deep Dive Process Review (Stage 2 of our Development Lifecycle) is nearing completion for two cancer pathway processes, the build and test of a new process was completed, automation of the Advice & Guidance function in ERS has been requested and a new opportunity was identified for our HR department. More on these in future blogs.

To bring the week to a lovely close I was guests of Blueprism & Thoughtonomy to the Computing Technology Product Awards.

Computing Technology Product Awards 2019

Great to see Blueprism win an award and our friend Danny Major collect the trophy.

Next week is going to be crazy....

#RPA #AI #thoughtonomy #timematters #ESNEFT

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