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My Automation Week #2

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Saturday's are always good for reflection and to think about plans for the week ahead. Every week seemed to get busier and last week was no exception.

The week started with excellent sessions with The Somerset Partnership and Hull NHS Foundation Trust. Having an opportunity to share ideas and discuss the value of working collaboratively across the NHS sparked some innovation and the challenge for creating a rough prototype for checking vehicle insurance and MOT's (see the previous blog). I enjoy talking with like-minded people to share my learning experiences and vision openly. It is very addictive and so exciting.

On Tuesday, I and one of my Senior Developers, Ian Mitchell, attended Blue Prism Pulse in London.

I had the opportunity to speak with the audience after which followed some great sessions. The impressive automation team from Zurich UK gave constructive insights into how they evolved and created their internal Centre of Excellence. It was comforting to see that ESNEFT's approach was similar in many respects, and I collected some brilliant examples of how to scale and expand in the future. Blue prism shared their vision for the future along with Thoughtonomy, and it was easy to see how both product sets will ultimately create a best of breed platform. Having the opportunity to network in such an intimate setting was for me the highlight of the day.

On Wednesday, I attended the East Accord at Newmarket Race Course, which is a meeting of 200+ professionals from across the integrated care system.

In the morning, there were some excellent talks, and in the afternoon, I ran three automation masterclasses.

The highlight for me is when Barry Frostick from NHS England said to the attendees...

"if you are not doing what Darren is doing, then why not?"

On Thursday I enjoyed a very early breakfast coffee with The Cabinet Office. So interestingly to see the potential of collaboration across the wider public sector as the similarities between the organisations and the challenges we face are closer than ever. Perhaps I need to think about expanding the NHS Marketplace to include all public sector!

On Friday, I was able to focus on some bot development and engaged in a few media interviews for future publication.

And to end another fantastic week, the lucky people who won copies of the new book I am featured in called Becoming Strategic with Robotic Process Automation have been messaged via my blog so make sure you log on to check!

If you enjoy my blog please share with your friends....

Have a great weekend.

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