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My Automation Week #1

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

This week saw the launch of my new blog which I hope everyone has found useful. I am still getting used to writing content and I am really pleased that it has been well received. I never expected to get over 100 subscribers so soon which is wonderful. I really don't know how I have found the time to write new content but this blog has become a new form of self-help.!

This week I offered support and coaching to three organisations to help them get a real-world perspective of intelligent automation and to guide them in formulating their strategies for delivering automation in a proper and sensible way. The common thread between them all was how they engaged the same RPA vendor who built a proof of concept and was happy with exception rates of 48%+

Why do vendors create POCs that mislead potential customers, set false expectations and imply that creating solutions is so simple that anyone can do it?

Creating an automation with high exception rates is EASY... creating intelligent automations that achieve exception rates of less than 1% takes practice and is a technique and methodology that needs to be studied and learned.

What was also very clear is in the push to simply sell bots, no consideration was made to helping these organisations to create a 12-18 month roadmap and ensuring the toolsets being sold could really deliver their aspirations and goals. I am amazed at how many existing RPA customers I have met, who after making the initial investment then have to go back to their Board to beg for more funds to buy additional complementary technology to ensure their plans can be delivered.

These organisations had already identified a list of processes to automate but when they understood the additional benefits intelligent automation could bring their ambition went through the roof using technology that could be delivered TODAY.

One of the opportunities was so exciting I have agreed to build a prototype in my own time - this one will be a game-changer.

I had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Kirwan and Joanne Cooper from Futures Housing to our automation family. Both are just starting their automation journey and will be well supported within our community.

Phase 1 of ESNEFT's Patient Portal in partnership with Zesty is nearing completion. This is very exciting as our patients will be able to log on to a secure application to review their appointments and read clinic letters. The Patient Portal will also be supported by intelligent automation to provide end-to-end patient request processing 24 hours a day.

I met some of our Radiology Team and identified a number of processes that will improve the efficiency of communications between our radiology team and consultants. Once the final data sets have been received I believe I could complete this process and move into production within just a few days.

Some changes were made to our processes to support the Urgent Treatment Centre for which testing has been completed.

Now I can use the weekend to catch up emails, respond to linkedin messages, develop some bots and prepare for next week.

Have a good weekend!

ps. to be in with a chance of winning one of 5 new books make sure you subscribe to this blog!

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