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Ideas - Uploading Patient Records to IMMJ's MediViewer using an API

Leveraging the power of Blue Prism Cloud to interact directly with IMMJ’s MediViewer Open API allows the rapid upload of clinical documentation without the need to use the front-end user interface.

The traditional approach to intelligent automation involves manipulating and controlling applications using the end-user interface. But what if you could mix your approach and incorporate direct access Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?

I've recorded a video demo (see below) which explains how Blue Prism Cloud bots can send documents to MediViewer.

So what are the advantages of incorporating an API with automation? Speed - the Blue Prism Cloud object runs lighting fast. At full speed an average-sized document uploads in under one second.

Complexity - using Blue Prism Cloud to manipulate an application using the user front-end is easier than developing an API object, however, once the API object has been built and tested, using it is a breeze.

Security Controls - leveraging Blue Prism Cloud's audit and security controls ensure that patient data is fully controlled, audited and safe.

Multiple Bots & Value Added Processes - automation can be used to manipulate and verify data before uploading it into MediViewer. The perfect example is retrieving patient referrals from ERS and immediately adding those into the EDMS for triaging and grading. The Blue Prism Cloud Orchestrator can be used to assign multi-bots and additional processing capacity at peak times.

What is the potential?

Imagine being able to send and retrieve patient records from MediViewer and translating them into any language or applying any of the Blue Prism Cloud Cognitive tools, being able to set patient alerts, extract data from MediViewer and prepare discharge summaries. Perhaps collate patient records, pass them through the upcoming Blue Prism Decipher engine, perform some data classification to automate clinical coding. Or what about an outsourced scanning arrangement where patient PDFs can be uploaded automatically while a bot updates the patient notes location in a PAS Casenote Manager.

My imagination is running wild and in the coming weeks I will be sharing some other ideas and on-line demos.

If anyone has any bright ideas or needs any help and support feel free to contact me via this blog or message me on LinkedIn.

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