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Ideas - Translating Patient Letters in Real-Time

The NHS is still reliant on paper letters to communicate with patients. Whilst some efficiencies have been made by outsourcing the printing and posting of letters at a lower volumetric cost, it still consumes large sums of money for the NHS.

Over the last few years, Patient Portals have started to appear which will allow patients to access letters on-line, view results & rebook appointments BUT relies on admin staff to manually access their in-house Patient Administration Systems (PAS) to process change requests by looking at the portal console screen.

Intelligent automation can easily link up patient portals to internal systems delivering responses to patients within minutes 24x7 a day (this will be covered in a future blog).

At East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT), it is my vision to send patient documentation (on paper or via our patient portal) in the patient's primary language. Some non-English language documentation (appointment letters, patient leaflets) are issued but these are limited and all need to be maintained and version controlled.

Imagine a world where patient documents written in English can be translated in real-time within seconds.

With Thoughtonomy's platform, I now can translate around 60 languages. The video below shows a patient discharge summary from our Urgent Treatment Centre being translated from English to Japanese. In an instant, I can tell the bot to translate into any of 60 plus languages. The bot has been slowed down so you can follow along...

Now at full speed...

Thoughtonomy's Language Translation allows me to access Microsoft's Cognitive Tools. I send the text I wish to translate to and the results are sent back immediately.

This example shows that Thoughtonomy's platform is so much more than RPA. For a fixed price per month, I can access an ever-increasing range of tools. I am only limited by my creativity and imagination.

Watch this space.....

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