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Ideas - Processing Handwritten Test Scores

An organisation I am supporting transcribes test results from thousands of handwritten sheets into an electronic system. This resource intensive process sees an increase in temporary staff expenditure, and I imagine a high level of human mistakes.

Using Microsoft's handwriting analysis of cognitive tools and the Thoughtonomy platform, I can analyse handwriting and extract the required information. No templates, no pre-learning - pass the scanned image as it is to the engine and within sub-seconds, I have the data I need.

Fig 1.1 - Handwriting analysis

With the data loaded into a collection, I can then access the online marking system, search for the candidate number and record the scores.

Just imagine how much time and money this relatively simple solution will save as well as speed up the recording the scores and improve data accuracy.

Going beyond RPA and using the broader tools available with intelligent automation platforms can bring so many transformational opportunities to an organisation.

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