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Ideas - Patient Portal & PAS Demographics Updates

Updated: May 29, 2020

The use of robotic automation to bridge the gap between disparate technology systems can deliver more timely service to patients and save many thousands of hours.

In a previous blog, I explained how Patient Portals were a potential waste of admin time as seldom do they provide an end-to-end workflow across multiple systems. Instead, Portals rely on human input to update demographics, reschedule appointments, review e-forms or manage correspondence. My friends at DrDoctor gave me access to a demo version of their platform to build a prototype. In this demo, a bot will access the DrDoctor management portal, download all patient demographic changes, load them into a queue and have a robot log into System C Medway PAS to effect the change.

The benefits of Patient Portal integration are enormous, require no system integration, APIs or involvement from clinical system suppliers. Couple this solution with the cognitive tools within the Blue Prism Cloud platform, such as Natural Language Processing and Language Translation, and there are some fascinating ideas to explore. Watch this space! If you are enjoying my blog, please subscribe and share with your friends via your social media channels!

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