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Ideas - Car MOT and Insurance Checker

Organizations have a duty of care to ensure staff vehicles used for business purposes have valid insurance and an MOT.

A recent collaboration with my friends at The Somerset Partnership and Somerset and Taunton NHS Foundation Trust identified this automation opportunity as administration staff manually check 1000s of vehicle registrations each month.

This simple automation prototype was completed on my train journey home from Liverpool Street to Colchester - it works well and offers so much potential. Essentially the process can read a list of staff vehicle registration plates, run each registration through the online database, capture the MOT and insurance expiry dates and writes them to a data collection.

From this point there are so many options. A simple report could be sent to the Finance department flagging expired vehicles or an email could be sent to individual staff warning them of their non-compliance. Typically these checks are done after an expense claim is submitted. This is too late and increases the risk of having to deal with an uninsured driver incident.

With the bots now doing the work, every registered staff vehicle can be checked pro-actively on a periodic basis freeing up Finance of HR staff to doing something more productive.

Some initial research suggests that Trusts are not doing these checks or pay an external third party £2+ per transaction. Just add up the numbers!

Below is a video of my prototype - it has been slowed down considerably so you can see what happens.

The production ready process and objects will be available for FREE via the NHS marketplace.

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