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How do I engage with the Digital Exchange?

Each participating Trust will need to register on the Digital Exchange and create an instance for their organisation. This area is private to your Trust and is an area where you can create and upload your artefacts.

At the first NHS Automation Leaders Forum, we will discuss how the collaboration partnership will work in terms of sharing work and how we can protect our NHS investment.

The complication comes in that there is a mix of Trusts who are developing solutions within their in-house teams, via a technology partner or through a more extensive program with an external consultancy company. I am adamant that no-one will profit from NHS funded work as that would be unethical. So until an agreement has been defined and agreed between participating Trusts, I will manage access as follows;

  • The participating Trust must have a valid contract with Blue Prism Cloud as collaboration will only flourish on a common platform.

  • A Trust must register on the Digital Exchange, upload their first process and share with ESNEFT.

  • For Trusts starting, a description of artefacts can be found on this blog. If you wish to use any of ESNEFT's work as your first process, then I will be happy to send you the content directly once we have had a discussion and I am assured that my work is being used appropriately.

  • For any Trust, using a partner to implement my work, I need transparency that the chosen partner is not charging you for my content. Naturally, they may charge you for coding changes and implementation time. This does not give the rights to the appointed partner to re-use our solutions for other customers.

For now, this is how it will need to be. The landscape is rapidly changing, and we need to reach a broader NHS agreement.

As for solutions, you create yourself you are of course welcome to do whatever you wish!

Feedback and thoughts welcomed!

If anyone needs any help, advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

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