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My Automation Week #16

The pandemic has been harmful to so many people. The loss of loved ones, jobs, businesses and financial difficulties makes me grateful to wo

My Automation Week #14

In the last week, I have been overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of companies and individuals, who have reached out to offer...

My Automation Week #13

The launch of the NHS Digital Exchange hosted by Blue Prism Cloud was warmly received and sparked a flurry of conversations with existing...

My Automation Week #12

This week saw the launch of the NHS Digital Exchange on the Blue Prism DX platform. An ever-expanding collection of forty plus objects...

My Automation Week #11

Apologies to everyone for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. With a week of 50th birthday celebrations in New York and...

My Automation Week #10

The Christmas holidays are an excellent time to catch up on the workload, get some quiet time to concentrate and take advantage of no...

My Automation Week #8

The last week before Christmas is always manic with so many social events to squeeze in as well as trying to shift the workload before...

My Automation Week #7

Our new patient telephone checker process ran in production for the first time this week, and the results are encouraging. As explained...

My Automation Week #6

The week started with a visit to Hinchingbrooke Hospital to share my successes and to explore ways of working together. So many...

My Automation Week #5

My holiday to Thailand and Vietnam is now just a distant memory and after a busy week catching up on all things robot it is time to get...

My Automation Week #4

I am writing this blog entry 38,000ft in the air with just 45mins until I land in Bangkok but despite being the start of my long-overdue hol

My Automation Week #3

With a week to go until I fly off to Asia for three weeks, it has been all a bit manic trying to leave everything in a good place before...

My Automation Week #2

Saturday's are always good for reflection and to think about plans for the week ahead. Every week just seems to get busier and last week was

My Automation Week #1

This week saw the launch of my new blog which I hope everyone has found useful. I am still getting used to writing content and I am really p

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